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RaziCTF Listen-Steganography

·1 min

Beginner-Intermediate CTF that took place on Oct 28. We came 15th :).

This is the writeup for Listen, an audio steganogrpahy


Challenge description

Listen carefully, what do you hear? Look closely, what do you see? To Submit the flag, put it in UPPERCASE and in this format RaziCTF{}. like this: RaziCTF{FLAG}

We are given a wav audio file. Most audio CTFs are similar so I proceeded to open the wav file with Audacity.


I like to open my audio files as spectograms for better visibility. When I played the audio I could make out 2 distinct beeps and immediately thought of morse code. In audacity, the 2 distinct beeps are separated as shown above

The short lines represent dots (.) and the longer ones represent dashes (-) in morse code. I proceeded to translate the first wave form into a series of dots and dashes as shown below

- .... . .-. . .- .-.. ..-. .-.. .- --. .. ... ... .---- -- .--. .-.. ...-- -- ----- .-. ... ... --

Decoding as morse code we get the flag :)



Submitted the flag as S1MPL3M0RSSM

Happy hacking :)