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Indead Hackpack CTF

·2 mins

getimagesize() File upload vulnerability #

In this write-up we go through Indead in the web category

Enumeration #

We are given a web page with an upload functionality.


I immediately went for a file upload vulnerability and tried uploading a simple php web shell.


The file gets rejected even after trying some few file extension bypasses. I tried looking for more clues so I bruteforced the site and got something interesting


Tried robots.txt


Interesting, file extensions with phps have been disabled.

PHPS is a PHP Source Code file that contains Hypertext Preprocessor code. They are often used as web page files that usually generate HTML from a PHP engine running on a web server

So I tried using index.phps instead of index.php and got some source code


Let us access core.php as core.phps


Sweet :) We get the source code for the challenge. The upload directory is very_long_directory_path which we need to take note of for later.

getimagesize() is used to perform the checks on files being uploaded to the server. This function checks the header of a file and determines whether it is an image or not. We can bypass this as follows


Exploitation #

The header bypasses getimagesize() and we upload our webshell to very_long_directory_path

We can access the flag via /very_long_directory_path/exploit.php?cmd=cat /var/www/flag.txt